Minty Business Boot Camp©

Get your business in shape with the Minty Business Boot Camp©

“The only way to raise the rocks beneath the surface is to challenge the status quo. “

This is a straight forward, kick-butt package. “Boot Camp” speaks for itself. Your Minty.Space consultant, calls a spade a spade and this has helped many businesses improve and thrive. If you want someone who is agreeable, then this is not for you. Minty Business Boot Camp is about the raw truth of your business.

This fun, challenging and raw package is $149 AUD for 2 (two) hours of work-shopping, talking, testing, establishing ideas etc. I know you think that’s an incredibly low price, but while I’m doing all the talking and challenging, you’re writing notes, bringing things out from those desk drawers that have sat there for the last 5 years, and making yourself an action orientated list of what you will do to make change. I don’t do the change for you, but I will help you get it into an action plan, along with a cost benefit analysis and time line. This is a Business Boot Camp, not a hire someone to do it for you package, so remember, you are accountable for the change, I help find the opportunity and problems.

Are you ready for Minty Business Boot Camp©? You are ready if you are willing to participate in open conversation, provide artifacts and get your employees involved too and letting them speak freely.