Speaking and Workshop Facilitation

Not everyone likes public speaking and not everyone who can stand in front of people and speak understands business. That’s why it’s good to request for speaking services from Minty.Space.

Workshop facilitation

Remove the bias from the facilitator and get a facilitator. When facilitating workshops, it’s important that all the needs of the business are represented and that can be hard to do if you’re a stakeholder required to decide on an outcome. Minty.Space workshop facilitation will challenge the status quo of the business, we are not pen pushers, we will offer insight and expertise to ensure stakeholders are fairly represented.

Business speaking – presentations and Q&A

Don’t worry if you don’t enjoy presenting business talks, presentations or Q&A sessions. Minty.Space solves this and will talk on your behalf at your business presentation, all you need to do is provide us your brief, presentation and we’ll do the talking!